About Venerable Master Hsing Yun

Venerable Master Hsing Yun is a Chinese Buddhist monk, author, philanthropist, and founder of the Fo Guang Shan (Buddha’s Light Mountain) International Buddhist Order.  

Ordained at the age of twelve in Jiangsu Province, China,  Hsing Yun has spent over seventy years as a Buddhist monk promoting what  he calls “Humanistic Buddhism”—Buddhism that meets the needs of people  and is integrated into all aspects of daily life. 

In 1949, Hsing Yun went to Taiwan and began to nurture the burgeoning  Buddhist culture on the island. Early on in his monastic career, he was  involved in promoting Buddhism through the written word. 

Venerable Master Hsing Yun established the Fo Guang Shan International Buddhist Order in 1967. The order’s international headquarters is the largest monastery in Taiwan, encompassing over 370 acres. The Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Order is a Mahayana Chinese Buddhist monastic order and belongs to the Linji Chan School. 


The Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Order, through a Humanistic Buddhist orientation, works to unite all Buddhist schools and sects. It also strives to foster and promote inter-religious dialogue among all spiritual traditions through symposia, conferences, and services. Fo Guang Shan has more than two hundred temples worldwide with more than 1,500 monastic’s serving in the Order.   


The Life of Venerable Master Hsing Yun

The Life of Venerable Master Hsing Yun depicts how one Buddhist monk has dedicated his years to the service of Buddhism and humanity.  With origins tracing from a humble family in China, Venerable Master Hsing Yun went on to establish worldwide Buddhist cultural, educational, charitable and religious organisations.  Through beautiful imagery, animation and sound effects, this video captures vividly the footsteps of this great Buddhist monk.